Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm Back!

I have decided to keep maintaining this blog.

I will post things that are useful for computer science and engineering students.


Advance Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

English Lab Internal For First Batch (1-30)

The English Lab Internal for the first batch (1-30) has been successfully completed today.
First there was a written test based on situational dialogs.
Then there was the vivo session.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MM - 200 Online Bits from PRSolutions

Click this link to view the 200 MM online bits from prsolutions (Dated 12/02/10)

No download is needed to view!

Good Luck for the Exams!

Monday, February 15, 2010

M1 - 200 Online Bits from PRSolutions

Click this link to view the 200 M1 online bits from prsolutions (Dated 12/02/10)

No download is needed to view!

Good Luck for the Exams!

Friday, February 12, 2010

English - 200 Online Bits from PRSolutions

Click this link to view the 200 English online bits from prsolutions (Dated 12/02/10)

No download is needed to view!

Good Luck for the Exams!

English - The Gold Frame - Essay

The Gold Frame

R.K. Lakshman is one of the renowned cartoonists of India. His creative gallery is filled with not only cartoon sketches but also short stories. In the story “The Gold Frame” Lakshman mixes the delicate humor with irony and sketches the life of the protagonist, Datta. Datta is the owner of "The Modern Frame Works," a small wooden shop tucked up between a drug store and a radio repair shop. Datta with his concave figure, silver-rimmed glasses and. a complexion of seasoned timber, fitted into his shop with the harmony of a fixture. He was a salient and hard working man and gave only laconic answers to, his customers. He was always been surrounded by a confusion of frame work materials.

One day a customer comes to his shop with a sepia-brown photograph of an old man and requests Datta to get it framed elegantly, Datta, with his habitual indifference ignored him and the photograph and engaged in his routine work. The customer reiterated his demand and different types of frames and the customer was baffled by the variety. Then Datta helped him by suggesting that a cut mount looked more elegant. The customer with a great devotion towards the old man describes him as God in his home. Expressing that he would not care for the money where the great soul is concerned, the customer was convinced for a cut mount with oval shape frame having a profusion of gold leaves and winding carpers. The customer placed an order and left. When Datta looked at the photograph it was just another elderly man of those days. It was a standard portrait of a grand father, a philanthropist; or a social worker. RK. Lakshman vividly describes the attitude of an average man and how he respects the elders by fixing them into framed photographs.

With a boxful of unclaimed photo frames Datta developed the philosophical attitude and never cared the complete the ordered work unless the customer turned up at least once. One fine day the fervent customer enquired about the photo’s framing and then Datta decided to be serious in completing the work completing the work. Immediately next day he made it his first job keeping aside all the others. He looked for the pencil stub and as usual it was missing. Vexed with his search he stood up and shook the folds of his dhoti so violently that he upset the white enamel paint tin. Its thick content mistakenly got spilled on the sacred photograph of the old man.

Datta stood motionless and shocked. He lost all faculty seeing the disaster before him. He started sweating profusely. His spectacles clouded with sweat and helpfully screened his Vision. This made him slowly recover his senses. He set about rescuing the picture in such desperate hurry that he made a worst mess of it. He rubbed the picture so hard with a rag that he peeled off half the old man’s face in the photograph. Nearly all his turban was gone.

Datta looked helplessly at the venerable elder whom he mutilated beyond recovery. He sat with both hands clutching his head. The customer had a fanatic devotion to the photograph and Datta’s Imagination went wild. It suggested nightmarish consequence to his dear self and to the fragile Inflammable shop. Exhausted, he accepted the situation with resignation. Mean while Looking at the plethora of Gods and their transcendental smile, an idea flashed in Datta’s mind. He searched all the unclaimed photographs. Luckily there was one with which Datta felt he could take a fair risk. The print had yellow tint but he calculated that the total effect when put in a dazzling gold frame would cover it safe.

Next day he perfectly framed the photograph and waited for the customer. He rehearsed his answer many times and the days filled with suspense and anxiety. The customer turned up promptly a couple of days later. With Dramatic exuberance he asked for the frame. Datta finally revealed the glittering frame and held his breath. The customer’s face glittered by its grandeur but soon the benevolent expression vanished. He shouted indignantly and demanded not regarding the photograph of the old man but of the shape off frame which is square instead of oval cut mount.

This Datta never expected, R.K. Lakshman delicately sketched the irony of the situation and the reader is left with great fun.

Friday, January 29, 2010

2nd Mid Timetable Released

The time table for the 2nd mid for cse are as follows:

English - 15th February 2010 Monday
Mathematics 1 - 16th February 2010 Tuesday
C and Data Structures - 17th February 2010 Wednessday
Mathematical Methods - 18th February 2010 Thursday
Electronic Devices and Circuits - 19th February 2010 Friday
Basic Electrical Engineering - 20th February 2010 Saturday
Applied Physics - 22nd February 2010 Monday

Prepare Well!